Diabetic patients may be faced with lots of health complications if mismanaged, yet can enjoy an outstanding health if properly managed. Ask the diabetes advisor for all about diabetes survival and wellness center.

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Major Organs of the Human Body Suffers from Diabetes Complication. Get proper management.

Our Services


*Provision of Video clips, fliers, educative and exercise sessions required for wellness for diabetes patients.

*Effective counseling on proper pathways for prevention and management of different level of diabetes.

*Provision of latest innovations and management insights available for diabetes best management.

*Provision of research results and applicable pathways for a healthy lifestyle for all, especially people with diabetes.

*Diabetic couch and advisor.

*Physical exercise and dietary advisor, especially for people with diabetes and associated comorbidities like heart disease and high cholesterol.

Understanding Diabetes.

Evidence base research results applicable for best management pathways for diabetes mellitus and diabetes eye disease.
T2DM Pathophysiology in brief.

Great if we can start management of our diabetes early, we can reduce the risk of various complications of diabetes and live up to our dreams.

Effective dietary evidence.

Good dietary management in patients with diabetes and obesity have helped reduce overall progression of diabetes and its complications.

The questions remains, what are the best foods required? and the rationale?

Understanding Diabetes Complication Pathways.

Diabetes Health and Lifestyle Advisor.

Our offers are in line with best medical care practice, exploring.

  • Appropriate referral pathways.
  • Critical health advice.
  • Dietary Advice.
  • Physical exercise advisor
  • Mental wellness.
  • Smoking cessation.

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